Joining NRG Dance

GENERAL INFORMATION ON NRG DANCE CLASSES.   The information on this page is kept as uptodate as possible and is subject to change at any time

No pupil will be accepted at NRG Dance if they are currently a member of another freestyle dance school

Competitive pupils will be registered with the ADFP.  Non-competitive pupils will not be registered with the ADFP as it is an un-necessary expense for a child who is not competing


Plain black tight fitting dance wear is to be worn for classes.  There are information forms available which give details of where this inexpensive lycra items can be purchased.

NRG Dance branded dancewear is available but this is not mandatory.

Shorts/Leggins and t-shirts in any colour are acceptable until dancewear is purchased.


Being a competitive dancer is an option.  Dancers will be approached if the NRG Dance teachers think they have the ability and work ethic to become competitive dancers.  A parent/guardian can approach NRG Dance teachers at any time if their child is interested in competing.  

Competitive dancers will attend Private Lessons.

For competitive pupils there is an APP available where requests for private lessons can be done up to 2 months in advance.  Private lesson times are allocated on a week by week basis and where possible will be availble on the Sunday evening at the start of a new week.  All competition information is also available on the NRG Dance App.

One to one lessons (30 mins teaching time followed by 30 mins practice time) are recommended - group private lessons maybe scheduled where appropriate

Competitive dancers also attend additional times on a Wednesday as well as additional group lessons every 6 weeks.

Ad-hoc "free of charge" classes are also run for competitive pupils

Any child who moves dance school and is regisitered with the ADFP will be subject to a ban under current ADFP rules.  This is detailed in the rule book that all ADFP pupils receive with their status cards.  This is normally a 3 month ban and starts from when the new dance school notifies the ADFP office.

A ban is necessary as a child needs time to adapt to their new schools way of teaching and also time to learn new routines etc.


Current Class Availability - Please note if there are spaces your child will be accepted - it is on a first come, first served basis

Pre-school - very limited spaces

From school age to approx 8 years old - very limited spaces

Aged approx 9 to first year in high school - very limited spaces

Aged approx 1st year upwards - very limited spaces

Please note that additional classes will be added to create more places/change classes around to keep up with demand


There is an annual membership fee of £20 a year which is payable every April.

Each class costs £4.  Classes are payable by standing order on the first of each month.   Payments are based on a 41 week rolling year of teaching.

Dancers who attend one dance class weekly pay £14.34 a month

Dancers who attend one dance class and MAX NRG class weekly pay £28.67 a month

Classes will only be cancelled as a last resort and any class that is cancelled will be rescheduled as soon as possible.